Casa Somerscales Hotel was in the past the family home of the renowned and award-winning 19th century English painter, sailor and landscaper, Thomas Somerscales, who made Valparaíso his second home. During his long stay in Valparaíso he worked as a teacher at the Mackay school and portrayed our landscapes and seascapes with absolute dedication. In 1874 he built his house in the heart of Cerro Alegre, which he would inhabit during his life in Valparaíso and would house much of his inspiration. The beginning of the War of the Pacific motivated him to capture marine combat; thus, various artistic productions emerged from his brush that portrayed the souls of the combatants through colorful and living pages of our history. For this reason, the name of this illustrious English painter deserved to be perpetuated in some street, square or in some appropriate place in our first port, as a just recognition to those who knew how to illustrate our history and magnify our landscapes in the central area. 

In the present and after more than 140 years, the former Somerscales family house has become an innovative proposal for tourist accommodation, located in an area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and whose architecture, theme and environment aim to preserve the heritage concept that our city holds.

For the owners of Casa Somercales Hotel, living and undertaking in Valparaíso has always been a magical dream. The temptation to inhabit a place protected by its historical value, with unique architecture, beautifully disorganized and with a privileged view of the ocean, captivates the lovers of this city and makes them part of it. In 2004 this dream was fulfilled, starting the hotel activity of the hotel casa somerscales and giving life to the first heritage hotel in Valparaíso.    

In addition to preserving a beautiful and homely residence, Hotel Casa Somerscales aims to offer its guests an experience that allows them to feel the confidence of being at home, in a friendly city, and in a family, quiet and romantic atmosphere, sheltered in a XIX century mansion, set at the time both in its architecture and design. 

We invite our guests to have the environments of the house; dining room, lounges, terraces to enjoy a pleasant reading, have a coffee, relax by the fireplace, admire the collection of old radios, typewriters or listen to music from the middle of the 20th century on the old gramophone.  mediados del siglo XX.


Located in Cerro Alegre; touristic heart of Valparaíso. Known as the neighborhood of immigrants; mostly English and Germans, who inhabited it during the nineteenth century and where the stately buildings that they built emulating the architecture of their places of origin still prevail today. Nowadays, it has become the most touristic sector of the city, a heritage area with easy access, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, viewpoints, stairs and museums, ideal for walking tours and immersing visitors in the culture of the Port, its loca geography and authentic charm.

Our service focuses on home care, with table service, trying to maintain the family bond of an old-fashioned breakfast, striving to incorporate typical Chilean products, made at home and also by small local producers, into our offer, promoting and promoting the circular economy, natural products and caring for the environment.

Since its inception, our hotel has maintained a firm commitment to sustainability in all its areas, so respect for the original architecture and the conservation of this heritage house is an important part of our principles. In the same way, the contribution to caring for the planet, the community and respect for people motivates us to work daily to achieve the satisfaction of our guests and collaborators and thus contribute to a harmonious relationship with our entire environment.