Valparaíso, a port city of magical charm, invites you to get to know it by walking through its 45 hills, climbing its colorful and suggestive stairs, its old and characteristic elevators, through its cobblestone streets, admiring the city and the bay from its charming walks and viewpoints,

viewpoints, visiting its museums and making your own book with the infinity of murals that adorn the city. All this, accompanied by an exquisite local cuisine, the bohemian port, popular art and its captivating culture. 


We invite you to know a small part of the work of the English painter Thomas Somerscales that is sheltered in our city. You can meet them at the National Maritime Museum located in Playa Ancha, and at the Baburizza Palace Museum located three blocks from our hotel.


The best alternative to get to know the city is without a doubt, walking through the hills of Valparaíso. As each hill is a different world, in each one of them we can find different murals that adorn and express the living culture of the city. In recent years, the walls of the Buenos Aires streets have been filled with high quality street art made by local artists, from other parts of Chile and even from other countries, who travel to Valparaíso just to paint in what is considered the Chilean capital of graffiti..

Other places that you must visit

La Sebastiana Museum (House of the poet Pablo Neruda)

Stairs and Lookouts.


Bohemian Valparaíso